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The art of capital management, since 1947.

Advisory services

Our active and professional management of financial and non-financial assets is complemented by the advice we provide on matters of organisational structures, taxation and the law, and the running of private and corporate accounts.  Our advisory services  work to structure your assets, and monitor and look after them on an on-going basis. Our services include the preparation of final statements, auditing, as well as producing tax returns or, for example, preparing VAT audits in our customers’ companies.

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Tax Advice The art of capital management, since 1947

Our tax experts can provide comprehensive advice on all matters relating to taxation. Together with our colleagues within the NEXIA network, we can also provide solutions to international issues. We develop solutions for you, create added value for your business and protect you from tax risks. We maintain good contacts with the tax authorities and are familiar with the latest practices. The International Trust Group provides advisory services to numerous Swiss and foreign clients, entrepreneurs and their companies.


Legal Advice The art of capital management, since 1947

In our offices, you will meet experienced commercial lawyers with a distinct flair for business and superb international contacts. We also offer legal representation before public authorities and special courts.

In cases involving civil and criminal proceedings, we work together with our colleagues in the legal profession.



Accounting The art of capital management, since 1947

Increasingly complex laws and regulations demand a great deal of attention of a company’s accounting. The correct bookkeeping offers an overview of earnings and assets at any time and, therefore, is an important source of information for the entrepreneur and the management body.


Company Management The art of capital management, since 1947

There are many reasons for transferring some or all of your assets into distinct company types and structures.

For private persons these can lie, for example, within the context of inheritance and succession planning, in the realization of a charitable activity or in the separation of private and business assets.


Real Estate Services The art of capital management, since 1947.

We can take all the work arising from your real estate off your shoulders. We work actively to preserve the value of your property and create sustainable added value by working with you to plan maintenance and renovation activities.


Audit Services Remaco Audit Services Ltd

Together with our clients we elaborate the appropriate audit procedure, execute the audit work using a risk-based approach and, as part of our reporting, discuss the audit results with the relevant people

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