Wir begleiten Unternehmer, ihre Management-Teams und ihre Familien
in wichtigen finanziellen Belangen.

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The art of capital management, since 1947.


Increasingly complex laws and regulations demand a great deal of attention of a company’s accounting. The correct bookkeeping offers an overview of earnings and assets at any time and, therefore, is an important source of information for the entrepreneur and the management body.

Our high quality services and favourable conditions allow you to focus on your core business. Besides our training and experience we have professional tools at hand (ABACUS, Dr. Tax, etc.) and benefit from the proximity of our specialists in the areas of legal advice, tax, company management, real estate services, audit services, Portfolio Management and Corporate Finance.

Our services cover in detail:

  • Partial or complete bookkeeping services on your system or ours
  • Salaries and payroll accounting
  • Value added tax (VAT accounting, fiscal representation)
  • Collective custom clearances
  • Payments
  • Tax-optimized year-end advice and preparation of annual financial statements
  • Strategic and operational corporate planning (business plan incl. finance and investment plan, budget assistance)
  • Financial coaching
  • Estate administration and liquidations
  • Succession planning, management buy-outs

Important key data on social security schemes, 2009-2012 (in German only).

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