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The art of capital management, since 1947.

Company Management

There are many reasons for transferring some or all of your assets into distinct company types and structures.

For private persons these can lie, for example, within the context of inheritance and succession planning, in the realization of a charitable activity or in the separation of private and business assets.

Companies, particularly from abroad, use this strategy to establish a presence in Switzerland, be it in the form of a parent company as a holding company, or as a subsidiary within an international group.

We would be delighted to advise you in the choice of a suitable company form and asset structure and to act as a reliable, discreet partner in their formation and administration. In addition, our experience and excellent international contacts mean that we do not have to limit our services to Swiss company forms, but can also investigate suitable cross-border solutions for you. Over and above this, we are also at your disposal for fiduciary activities in other areas.

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