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Sanctuary of Olsberg

“Hortus Dei” – God’s garden

The story of the sanctuary of Olsberg goes back to the year 1234. It was named “Hortus Dei” (God’s garden) and was moved from its original place near St. Urban to Olsberg in 1236. The mundane custody was incumbent upon the Habsburgs until the transfer. The Zisterzienser Abbey in Lützel/Alsace had the ecclesial custody until 1748, which for the last decades of the sanctuary’s story was transferred to Salem and finally to the sactuary of Tennenbach.

After the abrogation of the sactuary an institution for aristrocratic daughters was established in the facility. In 1846 the Pestalozzi foundation of the German part of Switzerland established itself in the premises of the sanctuary. In 1860 this privately operated foundation was handed over to the canton of Aargau. Today the operation is directly led by the department of education, culture and sport (Departement BKS).

From 1972 to 1995 the canton of Aargau has thoroughly renovated all buildings. The Swiss Art Guide as well as several articles and books refer to the sanctuary’s impressive story.

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