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The art of capital management, since 1947.




The companies that formed the International Trust Group are being unified under the brand “Remaco” as of 15 December 2012. Advisory Services, Corporate Finance and Wealth Management will be offered with the well-known expertise under the new simplified market presence.


On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, on 22 November International Trust Ltd holds a gala celebration at St. Martin’s Church and the Markthalle building in Basel to present the new face of the International Trust Group.


After around a year of renovation work at 95 and 103 Hirzbodenweg in Basel, the acquisition is followed by the physical amalgamation of the two companies at Hirzbodenweg.


In September, Pascal Böni, owner of Remaco Merger AG, buys the majority of the shares of Internationale Treuhand AG.


Urs Boetsch Immo­bilienverwaltungs AG is bought in order to extend its competence in comprehensive financial consultancy.


Prof. Dr. Fritz M. Schuhmacher is elected to the board of directors. Together with his partner, Dr. Konrad Annasohn, they considerately build up the company both geographically as well as with regard to the fields of activity for almost a quarter of a century. Immediately after the fall of the Berlin wall, Internationale Treuhand establishes a consultancy group in Hungary in order to advise and support western investors, particularly in the fields of taxation, bookkeeping, auditing and building consultation


In October, Dr. Konrad Annasohn joins the company.


ITAG Revision is spun of as an independent auditing company (heute:Remaco Wirtschaftsprüfung AG).


The company moves into the historical villa at Hirzbodenweg 103. Due to the strong growth of the company, as well as that of its subsidiaries, the neighbouring villa at Hirzbodenweg 95 and premises at Wartenbergstrasse are also bought a few years later.


The internationally known industrial lawyer Dr. Hugo Neumann is appointed new president of the board of directors.


Internationale Treuhand AG is recorded in the company register of the canton of Basle-City on 4 August by its founder Dr. Peter Zwicky. Its first domicile is located at Marktgasse 6 in Basle.

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