Wir begleiten Unternehmer, ihre Management-Teams und ihre Familien
in wichtigen finanziellen Belangen.

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The art of capital management, since 1947.


Our services include both, the long-term organisation and the active management and administration of the assets of entrepreneurs, their families and their descendants. We manage your assets in the long term and with the main aim of asset protection, taking into account both the financial assets (liquid funds in bank accounts, share portfolios, bond portfolios, funds portfolios, pension scheme portfolios, listed real estate portfolios, mixed portfolios) and the non-financial assets (companies owned, qualified holdings in privately held companies, and real estate assets).

Advisory Services Develop, protect and
professionally manage


Our consultations on structural, tax and legal issues as well as in the management of private and company accounts complete our active and professional management of financial assets and non-financial assets in our 360 ° finance approach.
With our advisory services, we structure your assets, monitor, manage and protect them on an ongoing basis. Creation of financial statements is part of our day-to-day work as well as the preparation of tax declarations or, for example, the preparation of VAT audits in your company.

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Corporate Finance Develop and transfer
value professionally


The long-standing expertise in corporate finance makes Remaco AG the preferred partner for many companies in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. Company successions, management buy-outs (MBO) and management buy-ins (MBI) are part of our core business, supplemented by various financing questions.
Our experience, trust and discretion, the entrepreneurial and transparent way of working as well as our professional project management lead to customer satisfaction and a very high project success rate.


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Wealth Management Protect and develop
value and invest


Remaco Wealth Management AG is a reliable partner for you in all questions of asset management and investment advice. Personal, independent and committed, we work with tailor-made services for your individual goals and visions. We do not pursue short-term sales targets, but sustainable results and mutual satisfaction.
Thanks to the capital participation of the managing partners, Remaco Wealth Management AG is the guarantee for high security as well as a personal interest in your success.

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