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For family-owned companies, the sale of the company to a third party (also known as a trade sale) is frequently the only possible way to settle the succession. Other family members may be either unavailable, not interested or not capable of carrying on the family business. When selling, besides the question of who might actually be interested in buying the company up for discussion, the main focus is on the questions of discretion, speed, company value and, in particular, negotiation.

How do I go about finding a suitable buyer for my family business? Should it be an industrial buyer or possibly a private equity company? Could I retain ownership of the company and entrust third-party management (separation of ownership and management) with running the company? Should I hold discussions with a domestic buyer or a foreign buyer? How can I approach potential buyers without immediately revealing my identity? How do I speak to potential buyers? How long does it take to target the non-transparent market of small and medium-sized companies and potential buyers? What is my company worth? How do I proceed in the negotiations? What points are discussed in what order and with what arguments?

As a consulting company, such questions are part of our daily routine. Since there are no easy answers to these questions, and they can only be answered within the context of a specific situation and with respect to each particular company, the practical experience of an M&A consultant is particularly important. Since its foundation 40 years ago, Remaco has sold more than 600 companies. We would be delighted to discuss your specific questions with you in a personal meeting.

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