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Due Diligence Services

Are you planning a financing, an investment, an acquisition or disposal? Or perhaps current commitments or other major business transactions are under scrutiny?

We are there to support you in your decision-making process. With our due diligence service, we can provide you with sound foundations for your business decisions.

Some typical due diligence situations:

  • (Partial) company acquisition/acquisition of a shareholding
  • (Partial) company sale/sale of a shareholding
  • Investment/disinvestment
  • Financing/credit check
  • Other major business processes, e.g. auditing of existing business relations, structures, activities
  • Fairness opinion for purchases

We execute due diligence audits and business analyses in accordance with your needs, and in an independent, personal and comprehensive manner. To that effect, we can draw on the knowledge of qualified experts from our different business areas (Corporate Finance, Legal Advice, Tax Advice, Assurance and Portfolio Management), as well as tried and tested partnerships with external experts.

Our services comprise:

Actual execution of due diligence work

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Fiscal
  • Strategic (industrial)

Within the transaction process in company acquisition/investment cases, this buy side due diligence is well-known as the acid test for company valuation/the basis for draft agreements and the negotiation strategy (potential deal breaker/discount in the form of a guarantee or price reduction).

Increasingly, however, initial analyses and investigations based on publicly available information are being carried out even earlier in the process (pre due diligence). The focus of these activities is primarily strategic (industrial), consisting of monitoring of the market environment and potential target companies. This basic information can then be used to derive further analytical objectives for the formal due diligence process.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a little due diligence work on the part of the seller of a company (vendor due diligence) before initial contact is made with potential buyers can certainly generate added value: this kind of “check up” can influence pricing and is helpful in the development of the seller’s own negotiation strategy and line of argument.

Organization of due diligence

The execution of a due diligence operation within the context of a transaction or a larger-scale special-purpose audit of another major business transaction can quickly become complex and time-consuming.

A substantive due diligence operation requires coordination between a number of experts whose specialisms will vary depending on the situation at hand. In the case of a company acquisition, this requires a formal project management setup.

In the case of a company disposal, management can become torn between conflicting priorities: day-to-day operations, which must not be allowed to suffer due to the planned transaction, and the time investment and discretion vital to the preparation of the buyer’s due diligence. Here, too, an external project management setup can make things easier.

Setup and management of the data room

Within the context of a company sale, depending on the scale of the trans­action the seller’s side will be faced with varying degrees of preparatory and organizational work in relation to the vendor due diligence process. This includes preparation of information and documentation, definition and monitoring of procedures, setup and maintenance of the (electronic or virtual) data room, attendance at manageme

We would be delighted to discuss your specific due diligence project with you personally. We look forward to meeting you!

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