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Succession Planning

In the next five years , around 45,000 to 60,000 succession arrangements will need to be worked out for small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland alone. This corresponds to around 3 to 4% of Swiss SMEs. Of these, only about a third of all family-owned companies, which make up around 80% of Swiss companies, can resolve their succession by transferring the company’s shares to the next generation of the family.
The regulation of company succession represents a unique challenge. It is a difficult undertaking, and is therefore one of the most important strategic tasks of a responsibly-minded entrepreneur. Because of the uniqueness of such a transaction, an entrepreneur cannot usually draw on the necessary specialized knowledge or on their experience in this field. Even for entrepreneurs who have experience in corporate finance, it makes little sense to divert attention from their principal activity, namely running the company, in the medium- to long-term in order to concentrate on such transactions. As well as advice on valuation matters when preparing and structuring transactions, the necessary discretion when initiating negotiations and the time investment required to carry out the various preliminary analyses are also considerable. It is, therefore, prudent to work together with external specialists (M&A consultants, lawyers, fiduciaries, etc) when selling the company. These specialists can ensure that company succession is taken care of with the utmost discretion, while at the same time ensuring efficient and effective project implementation.

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