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The art of capital management, since 1947.

360 ° investment competence

Our attention is focussed on maintaining value and managing investment risks. We have a thorough understanding of the advice we provide and do not limit ourselves to liquid holdings. We also consider illiquid assets and include them in the joint formulation of goals.

Together, we determine your investment goals and tailor them to your risk profile. You can count on our many years of experience to choose the right strategy, as this is by far the most important factor for successful investment.

Whilst media reporting on the topic of investing mostly centres on the success and failure of equity investments, the – in our view – more important issues concerning the choice of correct investment strategy are hardly mentioned at all. Yet the portfolio’s long-term value-over-time is primarily determined by the investment strategy adopted. This means not investing in a collection of individual equities but distributing the wealth over several investment categories, such as liquidity, bonds, equities and alternative investments. It is worth taking time over choosing the right strategy. Numerous studies have shown that the target long-term returns of a portfolio are – in around 80% of cases – determined by the investment strategy chosen. The selection of securities and market timing play a less significant role.

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