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Our investment style: Multi Asset Absolute Return

We derive our investment style for the implementation of mandate strategies from our investment principles and our approaches to the financial markets. With Multi Asset Absolute Return we have adopted a style that provides customers with tangible added value through capital maintenance and loss cushioning.

‘Multi Asset’ defines a combination of different asset classes, specifically a ‘balanced portfolio with a broad investment universe’. Skillful allocations reduce the overall risk in the portfolio. The practical implementation of mandate strategies uses a portfolio with traditional asset classes such as bonds and equities, selectively supplemented by valuable alternative investment vehicles.

‘Absolute Return’ means an investment approach without a predefined benchmark within the meaning of an ‘absolutely’ positive performance over a predetermined timeframe. That is why real capital maintenance and active loss mitigation are particularly important in the mandate strategies. The ongoing review of the risk budget of each strategy is at the core of our investment process. Related to the careful analysis of the market environment and the different assets, investors also participate in constructive markets to achieve the investment objective of a positive return.

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